1. Happy Birthday G. E. Moore (4 Nov 1873 – 24 Oct 1958)

    Thank you for Principia Ethica, your paradox, and your attempts to prove the existence of the external world. You paved the way for Wittgenstein, hung out with Russell and were, by all accounts, a convivial and generous fellow. Here you are:

    "It may be thought that my contention is unimportant, but that is no ground for thinking that I am not in the right. What I am concerned with is knowledge only - that we should think correctly and so far arrive at some truth, however unimportant: I do not say that such knowledge will make us more useful members of society. If any one does not care for knowledge for its own sake, then I have nothing to say to him; only it should not be though that a lack of interest in what I have to say is any ground for holding it untrue."